Mardi 22 septembre 2020
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Profile of Ordre members

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Most Ordre members work in the service industries (38%) and business or industry (22%), while 16% work in the public or parapublic sector. Some 33% are generalists, compared to 13% who specialize in organizational development, 8% in staffing, 8% in industrial relations and 6% in training. Over 85% hold a bachelor’s degree. Membership is spread equally across all age groups: 32% of members are between age 26 and 35, 30% between age 26 and 45, and 27% between age 46 and 55. As for gender breakdown, 61% of Ordre members are women, versus 39% who are men.

Droits réservés 2018, Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines et en relations industrielles agréés du Québec.


Affaires RH Fondation CRHA Les relations du travail au Québec - Des témoins tracent la ligne du temps Objectif CRHA Prévention de la violence au travail