Mardi 22 septembre 2020
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The Ordre's mission and vision

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Mission and vision

The Ordre is the primary human resources management and industrial relations reference organization in Quebec. It is a leader in its domain in disseminating knowledge, as well as in developing and communicating new ideas. A source of inspiration and pride for its members, the Ordre has considerable influence with decision-makers in the field.

The Ordre's mission

  • Promote the profession's strategic contribution to the success of organizations through enhancing the value of human potential from an organizational and societal perspective, as well as through optimizing human resources management and industrial relations in the workplace.
  • Improve the quality of professional practice, through the development and certification of its members' competencies.
  • Ensure that professional practice complies with ethical standards and other Ordre rules intended to protportailect the public.

The Ordre's vision: the profession

  • HR management and industrial relations call for expertise in a variety of disciplines and professional areas of interest to be able to capitalize on the development and contribution of human potential in the workplace.
  • The success of organizations, the quality of the workplace, the forging of constructive labour relations and the promotion of human growth and development are all challenges facing the profession. In a landscape of major demographic shifts and an increasingly competitive job market, the profession must also work on developing the concept of employer branding.
  • These challenges can be met by integrating disciplines and practice standards into a common body of core professional knowledge and competencies at the service of organizations and businesses.
  • The profession also enables organizations and individuals to progress by promoting the acquisition of a keen business sense, a sound grasp of business issues, and the development innovative solutions.

The Ordre's vision: the membership

  • The Ordre aims to bring together individuals who have acquired or are in the process of acquiring the knowledge and competencies required to practice at a professional level. Certification is granted when members can demonstrate that they have successfully acquired such knowledge and competencies and recognizes this achievement.
  • Individuals with different training and career histories who wish to practise the profession are encouraged to acquire the relevant knowledge and competencies. Membership in the Ordre is therefore exclusive, based on competency requirements, and inclusive, through the encouragement to develop these competencies.
  • Members continue their professional development after they have acquired their designation and are urged to regularly upgrade their competencies in the ongoing pursuit of excellence.
  • Given the broad range of organizations to which its members belong, as well as their varied experience and career paths, the Ordre has developed a highly diversified service offer to meet the challenges facing each and every group.

The Ordre's vision: momentum for action

  • The Ordre is the primary human resources management and industrial relations reference organization in Quebec.
  • It actively contributes to the development of the profession by:
    • promoting its strategic importance for organizations, individuals and society as a whole;
    • developing and recognizing professional competencies;
    • offering value-added services for the practice of the profession.
  • It ensures that the profession plays a respected role in business, professional and academic communities, as well as with employers and unions in Quebec, the rest of Canada, and on the international scene.

Droits réservés 2018, Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines et en relations industrielles agréés du Québec.


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