Three tips for a trouble-free office Christmas party!

Social activities are a must in our organizations today. More than a simple tradition, they help strengthen team spirit and reward employees after a year full of challenges. However, these parties can sometimes be disastrous if they’re not carefully planned.

Any social event organized by employers, including the Christmas party, is their responsibility whether it’s held in the office or elsewhere. 

To prevent things from getting out of hand, Certified Human Resources Professionals (CHRPs) would like to remind you of a few basic rules... 

1.       Take steps to structure the event and communicate with employees beforehand

  • Organize transportation for guests in advance to ensure their safety.
  • Develop and communicate a detailed party program to prevent unfortunate personal initiatives during the evening.
  • Draft a policy on harassment and dress or remind employees of the policy already in place.

 2.       Limit alcohol intake

There are a number of simple ways to cut down on guests’ alcohol consumption, such as instructing the caterer about the number of bottles of wine to serve at the table, limiting the number of drink tickets for the cocktail party, or even distributing breathalysers. As well, some companies hold their parties during the day to avoid serving alcohol or have employees pay for their own drinks. 

3.       Keep an eye open during the evening

You shouldn’t hesitate to discretely intervene if a discussion turns sour or speak to an employee who‘s on the point of stepping out of line. Serious unacceptable behaviour (breakage, fights, harassment, inappropriate remarks, etc.) should be nipped in the bud and followed up after the event. In some situations, offenders could even be penalized.