Quebec workers' vacation time too short for rejuvenation: Results of a CROP-CRHA survey

According to a CROP survey conducted in May for the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés, Quebec workers aren't given enough vacation time to be regenerated. 

A large proportion of workers (42%) reported that they don't get enough time off during the year to recharge their batteries.  

"This finding should cause us to reflect, especially when we consider that stress-related health problems are on the rise. Vacation time allows us to step back and recharge our batteries, and reduces absenteeism while increasing productivity," said Florent Francoeur, CHRP, Ordre president and CEO.  

Most workers prefer paid time off for overtime work
The CROP-CRHA survey also addressed the issue of overtime payment. Most workers (55%) who were asked whether they favoured paid time off or payment for overtime work said they preferred the first option. Paid time off was also preferred among 65% of respondents aged 35 to 54 years. 

Trouble disconnecting
This year, 65% of Quebec workers expect to take up to two weeks' vacation time, and 15% will take three weeks.  

Eight percent of respondents do not expect to take any vacation time this year. This figure increases to 22% for workers in Quebec City. 

Among those who don't expect to take time off this summer, 80% would rather be paid than to take additional time off to decompress. 

"It's a known fact that in many companies, some employees have trouble disconnecting from work. It's important to be aware of such situations and encourage these employees to set reasonable limits for works; otherwise, they may be candidates for burn-out," said Francoeur. 

To learn more
The findings of the CROP-CRHA survey are available by clicking here. (in French only).