Close to half the workers in Quebec suffer from the “winter blues” - Results of a CROP-CRHA survey

Large numbers of Quebec workers are affected by the “winter blues” that are so common at this time of the year. That's the conclusion of a CROP survey conducted on behalf of the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés among employees in January 2010.

In response to the survey, over one-quarter of Quebec workers (26%) reported that they are less productive, while 42% admitted to being more tired or depressed in January and February. And the problem is even worse in the greater Montreal area, where 50% of respondents feel more tired or depressed.

“Employers can introduce a number of strategies to help their employees combat winter depression. For example, if large-scale projects have to be launched early in the year, they could be broken down into various phases with short-term targets. This would not only allow for adjustments along the way but also enhance employees' sense of efficiency. Employers could also increase the number of occasions to showcase individual and team contributions,” explained Florent Francoeur, CHRP, Ordre president and CEO.

Deeply-rooted taboos
The survey also shows that a number of workplaces still have a negative approach to depression, burn-out and other mental health problems. In fact, 37% of respondents said that it wasn't acceptable to suffer from problems of this kind in their workplace.

“It's not sure whether these prejudices stem from the workers themselves or if workplaces in general still aren't open enough. Whatever the reason, employers need to be made aware of the issue. They have a key role to play in establishing and communicating a culture, policies and awareness programs that promote their employees' mental health,” concluded Francoeur.

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The complete findings of the CROP-CRHA survey are available by clicking here (in French only).