Prix Professionnel émérite awards : The Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés honours vision and leadership!

The winners of the Ordre’s Professionnel émérite awards were announced at the gala evening held as part of the 2009 conference of the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés du Québec.

These prestigious annual awards pay tribute to the special achievements of Ordre members who have demonstrated innovation and leadership and promoted an exceptional vision of HR management in organizations throughout their careers. This year, Alain Desgagné, CHRP and Chair of the Ordre, was pleased to award this prize to two outstanding women.

Sophie Fortin, CHRP

Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Corporate Services with The Standard Life Assurance Company of Canada, Sophie Fortin, CHRP, has for 20 years been known for her ability to influence decision-makers and her contribution to the development of the profession. A genuine ambassador for the crucial role human resources plays, she has changed the perception of the HR function everywhere she has worked. Her far-sighted vision has also enhanced the credibility of the CHRP designation, enabling the profession to play a key role at the management table. Organized, determined, results-oriented and possessing excellent business acumen, Ms. Fortin is recognized in all milieus as an agent of change with exceptional management and communications skills.

Sylvie Vachon, CHRP

President and CEO of the Montreal Port Authority, Sylvie Vachon, CHRP, is known for her in-depth knowledge of the different specialities of the profession, her extraordinary ability to rally her team, her talent for introducing, managing and integrating change, and her undeniable leadership skills. She has promoted the development of the profession by demonstrating the need to give HR expertise a key role to play in the strategic management of any organization. As a trend-setter, Ms. Vachon has made communication and her ability to solve problems through dialogue her trademark since her early beginnings in labour relations. Her management of the Montreal Port Authority has been marked by lasting industrial peace with the Authority’s several hundred employees, represented by three unions and covered by five collective agreements. 

“We are very pleased to honour these two remarkable professionals. Since HR management is a critical function for all organizations, they are inspirational examples for future generations of HR professionals,” commented Florent Francoeur, CHRP, Ordre president and CEO.

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