Mardi 22 septembre 2020
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My mandate in case of incapacity 2010
My mandate in case of incapacity is for all adults who are of sound mind. It allows them to appoint a mandatary to ensure the protection of their person and the administration of their property in the event that illness or an accident deprives them of their faculties.

Human Resources Management in Canada, Canadian 12th Edition
Gary Dessler et Nina Cole
Human Resources Management in Canada gives an in-depth look at the key topics covered in an introductory course, balancing theory and practice.

Managing Human Resources 6th Edition
Monica Belcourt, George Bohlander et Scott Snell
This sixth Canadian edition will place your students at the forefront of understanding how organizations can gain sustainable competitive advantage through human resources.

Droits réservés 2018, Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines et en relations industrielles agréés du Québec.


Affaires RH Fondation CRHA Les relations du travail au Québec - Des témoins tracent la ligne du temps Objectif CRHA Prévention de la violence au travail