• On registration, each team must be made up of five students. A team may continue to participate in the competition with a minimum of four students if one its members withdraws for a reason the organizing committee considers valid, such as an accident, illness, bereavement, etc. Should this be the case, the team must notify the organizing committee as soon as possible.

  • The students will have all the resources they need to analyze the case, including coaches, professors, their network and technology tools provided by their university. However, competitors are strictly prohibited from contacting employees of the organization under study in the actual business case, either to obtain additional information or to discuss the issues to be resolved.

  • The documents submitted by the teams will be assessed on the basis of their content. No points will be awarded for layout, computer graphics or video editing. The organizing committee will not accept any documents that do not comply with the requirements respecting length or number of words.
360 - Tournament for Quebec's future HR/IR professionals